19 Jun 2020


If your roof is starting to look like it’s straight out of a Hansel and Gretel storybook you may want to tackle your moss problem. If you don’t know how to kill moss on a roof, breathe easy. It’s not difficult if you have any DIY skills.


It may look enchanting but moss will compromise your roof’s integrity and shorten the lifespan. It will grow and lift shingles allowing moisture to cause damage to the shingles or tiles as well as the roof structure.


Imagine a nice clean roof whose life you’ve extended with this manageable solution.




How to Remove Moss from Roof


You’ll need several items in your DIY arsenal to complete this job safely. If you’ve been on your roof before you’ll have an idea if you need to be tied off with a safety rope or not. Either way you’ll need slip resistant shoes.


Gather these tools and materials before you start. And don’t wear nice clothes because this can be a messy job.


  • Extension ladder
  • Safety rope (if necessary)
  • Safety glasses or goggles
  • A garden hose with a spray nozzle
  • Cleanser, either commercial or DIY
  • A soft bristle brush with a long handle
  • Rubber gloves
  • Plastic to cover shrubs or flower beds


Looking for the best roof moss killer?


There are numerous readymade cleansers. Wet and Forget Liquid Mold Remover can be applied and left to kill the moss without having to rinse it off. Be sure and follow any manufacturer directions on store bought cleansers.


Chlorine bleach kills moss but can damage your lovely flower beds below. A cheap DIY cleanser uses a few cups of distilled white vinegar in two gallons of water.



Moss on Roof? No more!


Safety first! A ladder should be at roughly a 75 degree angle. So for every four feet high you’re going, the ladder should be a foot away from the side of the house. Make sure your ladder is on solid footing.


You can check this by gently jumping up and down on the bottom rung a few times. Also the top of the ladder needs to be extended a few feet above the edge of the roof. It’s much easier and safer to get on and off the ladder when you follow these simple rules.


After setting up your ladder, determine which areas you’ll have to remove moss from roof. Hose down the areas that need cleaning. Keep in mind a cloudy day is much better because the cleaning solution won’t evaporate as quickly allowing it to do a much better job.


You’ll want to spray the water from the top down so you don’t break or damage shingles. Always brush downwards with the brush so you don’t lift the shingles. Scrub gently or you risk compromising the roofing material.


A power washer might be tempting but even the lowest setting may do more damage than good.


After you’ve hosed and scrubbed off the mossy areas, spray on the cleanser and let it sit for 20 minutes for homemade solutions. For commercial products always follow the manufacturer directions. Depending on the amount of moss you may need to scrub and spray more than once before applying the cleaner.


Moss Prevention


You’ll find moss primarily on the north sides and anywhere you have overhanging branches that provide shade. Moss doesn’t like sunshine so trim those tree limbs. Clean out your gutters and sweep any other debris off your roof while you’re up there. Keeping your roof debris free will slow down moss.


Don’t want to get back on a ladder for this job in the future?


If you’re looking for a long term solution you’re in luck. Your local hardware store or Amazon sell zinc coated metal flashing strips. They come in a type you secure with a special nail. If putting nails in your roof doesn’t sound like a good idea it also comes in an adhesive product. Attach them just below the ridge caps (or just below the peak). When it rains and water flows over them, the metal strips leach out moss-retardant zinc particles. The particles attach to your roof tiles or shingles preventing moss from growing back.


Now you know how to kill moss on a roof and keep it moss free for years.

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